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Items currently needed


All types of Uniforms (Dress/Combat)


Field Equipment/Gear

Photos/Letters/Military Documents

Bayonets/Knives/ Weapons/Military Firearms


And any other military related items.


Depending on what and how large your donation is, here are some ways they are used. If a persons detailed collection is provided with many items we will build a display around that collection. We will ask for your input to help with biography information and other aspects of the person. If miscellaneous items are donated those may be used to complete a display or displayed with other similar items.



Help us save important history! We have been given items that were saved from going into landfills by persons who saw history left by dumpsters and left on garbage cans.  Also memorabilia has been donated by  family members that didn't want to discard items of a veteran family member passed on. Sometimes they had no room for it or to leave it to other family members and didn't want that history to disappear. That history stays alive for all to read and learn about our hero's past and present.

History Alive!

Here is one of a three panel display of a mother and father that served during WW2 that was donated by their daughter. Their display shows the items and biographies provided by the family member. This display also includes mannequins with the veterans uniforms. This is an important part of our mission saving and preserving those personal items and stories of those who served. Displays such as this always attract a lot of attention and interest. It is an honor for us to save and display the individual history and stories of our veterans. 

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