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******LATEST NEWS******

6 Apr 24.  Despite continuing attempts to find support for a enclosed trailer nothing has worked so far. This is a critical need to 

continue our main mission of being MOBILE. Without a trailer we are severely limited on the size and amount of displays we can bring to those that request our exhibits.  We are registered with the East Texas Giving Day event. A group that advertises for non profits in 32 counties in Texas. Donations can be made through their program to those non profits with 100% of the donations going to those non profits. We are one of those trying to receive support. Anyone can donate from April 18th to the main donation day of April 30th by going on and searching for our museum to go to categories for historical preservation groups.

Unfortunately we are frankly dead in the water without one and have been for far too long. If we cannot raise the approx $7500.00 to purchase one the future of the museum will have to be decided by he end of this year. Without the trailer there is no mobile concept and without the mobile concept the museum is not able to continue the mission. 

We need the help of our patriot public to move forward. None of the "big" corporations, local/state leadership have helped. NOT ONE. Rather than help a local veteran owned nonprofit they only want to help the popular nonprofits out there. 







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