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Greetings to all. Covid as we know hit most businesses hard. Lockdowns and closings have had a devastating effect on our nation's museums. Local and smaller museums have been hit the hardest. The latest poll states that as many as 11,000 museums nationwide are at risk of permanently closing by this Fall. We are fortunate in that we will survive and continue to build our exhibits and look forward to getting back to normal soon as possible. We are available for events depending on your local government restrictions. 

In other news we have been increasing advertising through local and national media outlets. Lately we have been notified by people that our history is being thrown away. Several items from WW2 & Vietnam War were found in the trash and saved. One being a WW2 dress hat in perfect condition. Several letters written a solider while in Vietnam to his family. Sometimes we find out too late that a veterans memorabilia was thrown away after being turned away by other organizations. If you would like information such as flyers and a copy of our article about history being forgotten and thrown away contact us.

In our closing comments we want you to know we are fighting a new battle. A battle about our history being ignored and in cases erased. Too many times lately we are having people ask us basic questions about our history that years ago most would have some knowledge of. Many of them younger people confused about the Who, What,Where,Why and How.  We can not lose this battle. If we do then who will be there to provide that knowledge learned by the contributions & sacrifices of our veterans.