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The museum came to life in March 2016 after living in the midwest and seeing that there were not many military museums near the Chicagoland area. A small group of veterans and patriotic citizens decided to do something to change that. Knowing that the cost of operating a brick and mortar museum was an impossibility we found the MOBILE concept to be affordable and offer the public the option to have military exhibits come to them instead of the public having to travel to us. Are we a large museum? No. But we continue to grow with every donation of items and dollars. However, being smaller gives us an advantage. We bring exhibits that can be custom fit into different size locations. This opened up more opportunities to display our exhibits in many different venues around the area. Our small staff is an all volunteer group that not only helps transport and set up exhibits but also interact with the public to help answer questions or just listen to the many stories shared at the displays. 

We are a approved 501c3 nonprofit regulated by federal and state law. Most of our support comes from the public which helps us keep pushing forward to bring history to those interested. Unfortunately we just don't attract support from large donors and that limits us on how much we can do. But we love the support we get when the public sees our displays and the work we put into bringing the best exhibits we can.  Every dollar goes directly into the museum. NO high overhead expenses.

  Since then we have been saving our military history and providing historical information on our Armed Forces and those that served in them during peace and war. The museum relocated in 2020 to East Texas and continues the mission we began in 2016. Our volunteers from Chicagoland still aid us in collecting memorabilia that adds to our exhibits. We are a dedicated group even in these times when interest in history seems to be fading. Although when the public sees the exhibits it does spark interest and appreciation in what we do. We consider our group to be a critical part in keeping that interest alive. Consider helping us in that mission. Thank You. ​The crew at GHQ!

*The above GHQ patch was the General Headquarters patch that was worn in the South Pacific during World War 2*.

Our Associations & Past Memberships

Association of Midwest Museums (AMM)

Small Museum Association (SMA)

WW2 Reenactment Society (Assoc Member)

Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA)

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