Why We're Here

GHQ Military Preservation Group has a specific mission in mind by providing a way to preserve our military history and heritage of the United States of America.

Our challenge is to offer everyone the opportunity to view, experience and learn about our nations military services and the contributions and sacrifices made to the nation and the world.

This is the mission and challenge for the men and women who volunteer their time and efforts to ​Bring History to You.



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"What our visitors are saying"

My husband and I both thought the museum was very interesting and actually taught us some of the events that occurred that we were not aware of. Showed great respect for our veterans.

Mary and Dan G.

Thank you Bob for your time . I am honored to help in anyway I can. So very proud of the museum at Bult Field and everyone that is involved so people can learn and see.  Give my thanks to all that serve and protect our country.